District Goals and Strategic Plan

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District 6310 Strategic Priorities and Objectives, Revised – February, 2020

Executive Summary –

We believe that moving forward our District Priorities and Objectives should more closely align and match those of Rotary International (please see below).  That they be easily understood and communicated to our membership, providing local clubs with the necessary tools and support to move our organization forward.  District leadership teams and committee chairs are in place to serve our local clubs.

Although metrics for a given goal are necessary to measure impact or growth in that area, we should consider the tremendous impact to society be it global or local by our commitment and support to Rotary.

Communication is THE KEY DRIVER to growth.  Both Rotary members and non-members need to share the wonderful stories of our priorities and objectives.  By doing so we hope to make a compelling case to join our ranks and to support the Rotary Foundation which is the financial vehicle allowing our impact for generations to come.

Finally, as your club reviews Rotary International’s, 4 Strategic Priorities and 14 Objectives below, we would encourage that they be a part of your plans and efforts to achieve the Rotary Citation which you will be asked to establish and set a minimum of 13 specific goals for the year.

2020-2021 District 6310 Goals   *** Subject to Change***

  • Membership Goal = 1400 (net gain of 1 new member per club)
  • Polio Plus Goal = $55,000 ($40 per member)
  • Annual Fund – SHARE Goal =$190,000 ($136 per member)